Breast Revision

Who are Good Candidates for Revision Breast Surgery?

Women who undergo breast augmentation surgery occasionally wind up wishing they had opted for larger or smaller implants. Sometimes complications develop, such as scar tissue tightening around the implant, or one of the implants collapsing. Whether you've reconsidered about the implants or the implants themselves have changed, revision breast surgery is an option. Other issues that lead women to seek revision surgery include:

• An X-ray shows silicone leaking from its shell • Implants have shifted position • Breast tissue volume has changed because of significant weight fluctuations • Visible rippling of your implants • Your implants are asymmetrical

What to Expect

Procedure Revision Breast Surgery


You may be feeling frustrated and scared when faced with the prospect of having to undergo breast revision surgery, even if it's because you want to change the implant size. Dr Antun understand those emotions, and they know the importance of gaining your trust through honest communication. Revision surgery may involve removing, replacing, or shifting the position of the existing implant. In some cases, combining a breast lift procedure with the revision surgery may improve results.

Revision surgery poses some unique challenges, such as the formation of scar tissue around the implant, that aren't present during an initial augmentation procedure. But your experience may be very like what occurred when your implants were first inserted. The surgery is performed using general anesthesia or sedation, and you will remain at the surgical facility for several hours until you are ready to return home.


Your recovery after revision breast surgery varies on what steps Dr. Antun performs to improve your outcome. The discomfort after revision surgery is usually much less than the primary augmentation. If significant changes occurred, the down time may be longer to ensure the repair or revision heals appropriately.