Cool Laser Foreign Body Removal

The cold laser is used to extract Foreign Body Substances

HD Esthetique offers a technique using a cold laser, which is to pass our laser which emits light energy through the area affected, and the heat makes the substance injected more liquid. Subsequently, the substance is vacuumed. The type of surgery you need depends on several factors: the location and number of biopolymers or the foreign substance injected you, the type of material you have and the reaction that this biopolymer or substance has produced in neighboring tissues. Each case is different and the type of surgery performed to correct these deformities is also different. In general, they are always very complex surgeries. It takes a lot of experience to perform them. Always in patients with injection of biopolymers, it is best to be able to evaluate them personally, the photos help, but the direct examination will give me the definitive indication of what type of surgery is needed.

What are the foreign body substances?

Foreign body substances are materials from the origin of plants or petroleum that the human body does not absorb. Today they are used for buttock and chest augmentation since they create lumps. However, foreign body substances are banned because they can cause health problems that can have serious consequences such as death. Not always do they know the person treating them or even if they are a specialist. The malpractice can cause serious injuries in the area and even death. It is already proven that biopolymers are harmful substances for the body, but many people continue injecting themselves to improve their figure, which can lead to fatal consequences if they are not extracted in time and through the appropriate procedure.

What is the risk of using foreign body substances?

The risk is very high. It can be anything from a mild inflammatory reaction to the formation of a hard mass that generates severe inflammation. However, these oils are displaced by white blood cells and can travel in body and reach areas such as the ankle or foot, causing inflammation in that area.

Who can inject any substance other than foreign body substances?

Dermatologists and plastic surgeons are authorized to perform the injections, but there is currently no approved fill type allowed. All these injectable substances will produce an inflammatory reaction and can bring long-term consequences. In the market, today there are a lot of compounds that have the same purpose. None is approved since they do not meet the health requirements.

Can people who already had foreign body substances injected be operated?

Yes, they can, but it is difficult to extract the compound as it comes in different planes and is hard to find. Laser surgery can be a solution to reduce injuries from surgery. The application and use of the laser decreases inflammation at the site. In rare cases, remaining biopolymers, after surgery, may migrate to different neighboring sites. The more biopolymers can be extracted, the results will be better and the possibility of future problems for the patient will be lower. I am a pioneer worldwide in the treatment and extraction of these biopolymers, wherever they are injected. In my clinic, I have all the equipment with the latest technology for the extraction of these materials.

Sometimes more surgery may be needed. My goal is to extract as many biopolymers as possible, leaving the area injected with a beautiful and natural shape. This is very important; the treated area will not be deformed. On the contrary, it is about obtaining a natural result. I always try to leave the treated areas, with a completely normal shape. This is reconstructive surgery, and as such, seeks to bring the affected area to normal.

Who are candidates to perform these procedures?

All people who have undergone buttock augmentation with fillers such as biopolymers, biogels, economic hyaluronic acids, expansive cells, pmma, biofill, methacrylate and other invasive substances not approved by the FDA are in constant danger of That your body reacts and produces severe inflammations.

Biopolymers produce cosmetic sequelae, deep damage and even infections that can lead to death, which is why it is recommended to patients who present symptoms, to perform a laser extraction before these substances migrate to different parts of the body or organs causing damage More irreversible.