A Labiaplasty, commonly referred to as Labia reduction, is an aesthetic surgery for the female genitalia, which involves reduction of the labia. Patients request the surgery because their labia either hangs or appears to be too long. Some patients complain of discomfort when wearing tight undergarments. HD Esthetique offers the best doctor for Labiaplasty


When you awaken after your labiaplasty, you will experience some discomfort for a few hours after the anesthesia wears off.

Your surgeon will give you medication to keep you as comfortable as possible. We suggest not to have sexual intercourse for a 30 day period.

You may shower the day after your procedure, though many of our patients choose to wait an additional day. After showering, pat dry the incision area or use a cool hair dryer.

Avoiding cigarette smoking during the first two weeks after surgery will greatly assist your body’s natural healing processes.

Patients whose jobs do not involve full-time sitting usually return to work in just a few days. Other patients wait up to two weeks.

One month after your procedure swelling will have reduced substantially and you may resume your normal exercise routine.

Be sure to ask your surgeon about any concerns or questions you have about the recovery process. At HD Esthetique, we believe your health and happiness are the most important considerations at any time.

Possible Side Effects

Labiaplasty is an extremely safe and effective procedure when performed properly with experience and care. Healing in this region is very favorable due to its vascularity and scars are very well hidden.

Any surgery poses a small risk of infection, bleeding and wound healing issues. Patients who smoke, have immune suppressive disorders, and who consume blood thinners are generally more at risk for these problems.