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Body Sculpting & Contouring Miami

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Miami Body Sculpting And Body Contouring Treatment Guide

Miami body contouring refers to any cosmetic treatment meant to reshape body areas, and this often follows weight loss. These procedures are nonsurgical, minimally invasive, or surgical processes that “target unwanted fat layers, define muscles, or tighten sagging skin.

Clients will notice more dramatic results with surgical intervention; however, this route carries more risks than noninvasive treatments.

Types Of Cosmetic Surgical Procedures 

Our Miami Florida body contouring clinic(also known as body sculpting) can provide nonsurgical treatments, such as Morpheus 8, Venus Legacy, and carboxytherapy. 

Minimally invasive contouring includes Miami elite body sculpting. This procedure targets unwanted fat accumulation in areas of the body, permanently removing the fat cells and leaving the area tight and redefined.  

The surgical procedures can include retraction, tummy tuck, breast augmentation, Brazilian butt lift, liposuction, or a mommy makeover which is a combination of these following pregnancy. Some areas that our Miami body sculpting treatment experts could improve are listed below.

The abdomen/flanks

The sides of the abdomen, referred to as flanks, and the abdomen itself are common areas for Miami male body sculpting and female body contouring. Fat accumulation is prominent in these areas, causing concern for most people seeking surgical intervention. You will also see some areas with excess skin following a dramatic weight loss.

In addition to this, many women seek a mommy makeover or a more targeted tummy tuck following pregnancy. A mommy makeover typically involves a few areas along with the abdomen, including the breasts and buttocks.

Other people deal with stubborn fat pockets in the flanks, abdomen, and lower abdomen. These individuals often have difficulty eliminating the fat layers with typical fitness regimens and healthy meal plans.


Women in Miami often seek body sculpting due to fat accumulation in the lower body, usually the thighs and buttocks. One procedure that targets the buttocks in particular is the Brazilian butt lift. With this procedure, fat is taken from areas of the body with accumulations and transferred to the buttocks.

Liposuction is another surgical treatment used in these areas to remove stubborn fat from the body and help reshape the most concerning areas, including the thighs and buttocks.


Miami body contouring Doral is also used in surgery to perform an arm lift for the sagging skin that can develop there. The objective is to gain definition, a toned, tight result. Cosmetic surgeons will sometimes decide to use liposuction in this area, and noninvasive options can help achieve a comparable outcome, albeit a temporary one.

How Can You Prepare for Body Sculpting?

When considering cosmetic surgery, consulting with our qualified practitioner is the first step in determining the most effective and beneficial body contouring procedure. We’ll cover below some recommendations for preparing for Miami Florida body sculpting.

Ideal weight

Achieving your ideal weight is a priority before you undergo surgical or noninvasive cosmetic procedures. A wellness regimen of regular fitness and developing healthy meal plans is vital in every circumstance, but this healthy lifestyle is necessary following any procedure to maintain results.


Smoking cessation is encouraged by any medical provider for optimal health, but it’s required to break the habit before having Miami Florida body sculpting. The ideal time frame is roughly six weeks or more before having a minimally invasive or surgical procedure. Wound healing is considerably impaired by nicotine.

Final Thought

According to the “American Society of Plastic Surgeons,” the aftercare following a surgical procedure is roughly six weeks or more. Follow-up care is critical for safety purposes and to maintain the results. 

Our practitioner will provide detailed instructions, including “drains and bandages,” for a few days as the first step. For the following two weeks, you’ll need to wear compression garments. You will gradually but steadily progress back into your regular day-to-day activities, and it’s imperative to follow all instructions as provided to avoid challenges with recovery.

Miami, Florida, body contouring is an excellent choice to consider when having difficulty getting rid of accumulated fat layers, and we can help you get there. It’s important to remember that nonsurgical treatments will be temporary but minimally invasive, and surgical procedures have more risks. In every scenario, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential to maintain the results you achieve.

Contact us today for more details about the body sculpting treatments we offer in Miami.