Your Guide to the Breast Lift Procedure

When most people think of enhancing the appearance, feel, and shape of the breasts, they normally are thinking about breast augmentation and implants. This is not surprising because breast augmentation can definitely lead to those results. However, it is a myth that achieving breasts that are perkier, more beautiful and shapely can only happen with implants.

What if you fall into a different category?

For example, you may want your breasts to be perkier, but you have no interest in changing their size. Other women might want a size increase, but breast implants by themselves cannot address sagging or droopy breasts. If this describes your situation, you should strongly consider visiting our cosmetic surgery center in Miami for a breast lift procedure.

You may already be aware of the breast lift, which is medically known as a mastopexy, but you may be confused by all of the information out there. That is why we have put together this breast lift guide so that you have the information that you need to make this important decision.

What is a breast lift?

It’s a funny thing about time. We often wish it would move faster, but it often leads to unexpected or unpleasant changes in our bodies. The cause may be due to pregnancy, aging, or genetics that leads to a loss of elasticity. The end result is the same: breasts that are saggy, deflated or droopy. Some women have breasts that are overly large, and this results in gravity pulling down on them, which further leads to feelings of discomfort or pain. This can even lead to back pain.

The purpose of the breast lift is to help in raising, reshaping, and improving the appearance and volume of breasts that are not as perky as they once were. As a highly skilled Miami breast lift surgeon, Dr. Antún can transform the appearance of your breasts by reshaping and creating a more proportional breast with the latest technology and methods tailored to your unique needs and goals.

In most cases, the breast lift involves removing superfluous and unwanted skin from the breast. It also involves repositioning the nipple, with the result that breasts are in a higher position on your chest, as well as appearing perkier. The great thing about the breast lift procedure is that no foreign substances are injected or implanted. Dr. Antún is simply working with your own body to turn back the clock. The result is breasts that look much like they did when you were younger.

Would I benefit from a breast lift?

The best way to learn if you would benefit from a breast lift is to schedule a consultation with us. There are numerous factors that you need to consider when weighing whether to have a breast lift or not. These factors include your unique anatomy, medical history, current breast shape, size and positioning, and your desires and goals.

Typical candidates for the breast lift procedure include those who have downward-pointing nipples, breasts that are asymmetrical or have an undesirable shape, or those who are simply unhappy with the appearance of their breasts.

What are my lift options?

Breast lift procedures are extremely customizable. They can take place as a single treatment or in combination with other types of procedures like a breast reduction or breast augmentation with implants. Dr. Antún will examine you and take into consideration your cosmetic goals in formulating the most appropriate type of affordable breast lift surgery at our Miami clinic for your individual needs and desires.

The main purpose of a breast lift without implants is to make the breasts project more and raise their position, as well as reshaping tissues for a more symmetrical and toned appearance. Breast lifts are appropriate for anyone who is basically satisfied with their breast size. If you are wanting to increase fullness, it may be more effective to undergo a breast lift with augmentation. This is where implants are placed to both improve general contours and increase volume.

On the other hand, women who feel that their breasts are disproportionate to their body, or overly large, may benefit from a breast reduction. Breasts that sag or are droopy can lead to bodily strain, physical discomfort and embarrassment. Dr. Antún can help by removing extra breast fat to reduce the size of the breasts. He can also reshape leftover tissue to contour and lift, leading to better proportions and a slimmer appearance.

Your Recovery

Dr. Antún and his team at HD Esthetique are known for their outstanding aftercare service. Their mission is to ensure that you are safe and comfortable throughout every step of the treatment process. The focus is on minimizing your downtime so that you heal properly and are able to resume work or daily activities as soon as possible.

Patients are provided with an innovative Ozone therapy, which involves the use of a colorless gas to improve your intake of oxygen and boost your immune system. This helps to greatly reduce inflammation and guard against post-procedure infection. The effect is that your recovery period will be much shorter than it would be otherwise.

You will be advised to meet with Dr. Antún periodically so that he can assess how your breasts are responding to the procedure, as well as how you are healing overall. Most patients require about two weeks of downtime following a breast lift.

Your Consultation

The shape and feel of the breasts are vitally important to how a woman sees herself. Stretched, elongated or sagging breasts can cause physical and emotional problems that have a negative effect on your well-being.

If you feel that you would benefit from a breast lift procedure, we invite you to contact the office of Dr. Antún today to book your consultation with a skilled Miami breast lift surgeon and ultimately improve your life.


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