What Is a Buttocks Augmentation?

There are quite a few types of so-called ‘butt lifts’ available today in the Miami area, one of them being the Brazilian butt lift. Sometimes these procedures are called butt augmentations or gluteal augmentations. Recently, they have been increasing in popularity due to their ability to improve the overall shape of the body. Some types of procedures that fall under the buttocks-enhancing umbrella are excess skin removal, liposuction, tightening, and fat transfer from other areas of the body, as well as butt implants.

Many people consider the buttocks to be an integral part of a well-proportioned physique. Even though you may be healthfully eating and exercising, you may find yourself struggling to achieve the shape, size and firmness that you are looking for. Our clinic here in Miami offers buttock augmentation procedure that can assist you in increasing the size and improving the projection of your buttocks, leading to a better-toned and more attractive profile.

How does a buttock augmentation work?

The procedure is fairly simple. It involves the use of medical-grade silicone implants for a reshaping and redefining of the buttocks. The purpose of the procedure is to increase the projection and volume of the buttocks, as well as sculpting the area so that it is harmonious with other parts of the body.

Although exercise is helpful, many people have insufficient natural fat and soft tissue required for a well-rounded, symmetrical buttock. Dr. Antún utilizes soft silicone implants that are inserted around the gluteal muscles. He has the necessary skill to carefully position those implants for the creation of the look that you seek to achieve.

The implants themselves typically have an oval or round shape, and are available in a range of sizes. An implant exists to match the aesthetic look that you have in mind for yourself. We only use high quality, FDA-approved buttocks implants so that your procedure is performed in the safest and most effective way possible, leading to a pleasant and beautiful aesthetic result.

Would I make a good candidate for a buttocks augmentation?

Buttocks implants are very appropriate for anyone who wishes to enhance the appearance of their buttocks and proportionality of their lower body. If you find yourself displeased with either the size or projection of your buttocks, or are unhappy with their proportionality relative to your overall body frame, you may benefit from a visit to our Miami buttock augmentation clinic.

Other good candidates for buttock augmentation at our Miami cosmetic surgery center are those who have found that the aging process or weight loss has led to a flattening of this area, which results in a unsightly appearance. Butt implants can assist you in achieving a more rounded and fuller contour to significantly enhance your appearance.

The ideal candidate for buttock augmentation is an individual who is unhappy with buttocks that have a flat appearance or are under projecting. The best candidates do not have existing medical conditions that could complicate the procedure, including high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and certain skin and connective tissue disorders.

Medical Implants vs. Biopolymer Injections

Biopolymers are foreign substances that are very harmful to the human body. Biopolymer injections are currently employed for surgical enhancements, especially that of the buttocks because of the lumps that they create as a side effect. This type of procedure represents malpractice, however, and is not allowed in cosmetic surgery due to the risks that it presents to the patient. Biopolymer injections have a tendency to be rejected by the body, leading to severe adverse events that include inflammation, severe pain, skin hardening or rashes.

If the side effects caused by biopolymer injections are not properly treated, these harmful substances can spread to other bodily areas, resulting in even more damage. When you are considering undergoing some type of butt implant procedure, you need the care of an ethical, qualified plastic surgeon like Dr. Antún who places your safety above all else.

The FDA has approved medical silicone implants for buttock augmentation procedures. Countless patients have undergone this popular procedure to safely increase both the volume and projection of their buttocks. Dr. Antún and his dedicated team of aestheticians use only the safest, high-quality materials to perform their procedures. You will receive a complete examination prior to your procedure to assess your current state of physical health, ensuring that it is perfectly safe to go forward with your treatment.

What should I expect during my butt augmentation?

The details of the procedure will vary according to the needs of each individual patient, as well as the quantity of tissue available and their aesthetic goals and desires. Dr. Antún will take each of these factors into consideration to carefully craft an individualized treatment plan just for you.

Your procedure will take place at a cutting-edge Miami outpatient facility. You will be placed under general anesthesia, and your procedure can take up to two hours to perform. This type of procedure normally starts with the placement of a vertical incision made between the upper parts of the buttocks. Next, Dr. Antún will place the implants in the area of the gluteal muscles, positioning them properly. He will then close the incision using sutures under the skin level to avoid a resulting visible scar.

Would I make a good candidate for a buttock augmentation?

This type of procedure is appropriate for anyone desiring an enhancement of their buttocks and lower body proportions. If you are dissatisfied with either the size or projection of your buttocks, you would likely make a good candidate for a buttock augmentation procedure. Other good candidates include those who have noticed a flattening of this area due to weight loss or the aging process.

If you are interested in getting the help of an experienced Miami butt augmentation expert, ultimately, the best way to determine if you would be eligible for is to contact the office of Dr. Antún. We can schedule your consultation so that you can finally achieve the aesthetic appearance that you are dreaming of.


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