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Lipo 360 in Miami, Florida

Complete Guide to Lipo 360 Miami Florida

Many people have problems with too much fat in their midsection. Only contouring surgeries and Lipo 360 Miami Florida can permanently remove areas of resistant fat, making you more confident in your clothes and giving you the results you’ve been looking for, even if you’ve tried everything else.

Lipo 360° is one of the most effective methods for eliminating stubborn abdominal fat and revealing a trimmer waistline, where the surgeon trims subcutaneous fat from the patient’s midsection, hips, and thighs. However, if you’re unsure of the top liposuction 360 doctors in Miami, the information below sheds some light on the procedure.

Who Makes a Good Candidate for Lipo 360 Surgery in Miami?

360 liposuction Miami is an excellent option for women who are self-conscious about their bodies and want to eliminate unwanted fat.

As part of a comprehensive body contouring plan, you will only be a good candidate for this operation if you have a lot of visceral fat, the kind of abdominal fat that collects around your organs.


Therefore, It’s expected that you’re healthy. It is not a surgical option for reducing body fat. It’s a method of reshaping your physique by removing fat and tightening your skin.

Where Is Lipo 360 Miami Florida Most Effective?

Most individuals undergoing liposuction will have more than one issue region that needs to be addressed. The four most typical areas targeted for subcutaneous fat removal are the abdomen, intercostal, waist, hips (love handles), and flank fat.

Your doctor’s decision on which places to operate will be based on how much fat you want to lose and where it is located. A consultation with the expert Miami liposuction doctor Rafael Antun will give a full rundown of lipo 360 with BBL. Therefore, to ensure that you and your doctor are both happy with the outcome of your treatment during your visit, it is essential to discuss your expectations.

How much is Lipo 360 in Miami

The cost of lipo 360 in Miami, like any other cosmetic surgery, will vary from patient to patient and region to region. Location, anesthetic, facility fees, and the quality of the surgeon. Also, with many essential factors to consider when estimating total expenditures. Typical Lipo 360 in Miami may cost between $2,000 to $7,000 or more.

During your initial visit, your surgeon will give you a more accurate estimate depending on your interest and operation. Share your concerns with him and discuss your desired outcomes. Miami lipo 360is is only expensive if you want another cosmetic simultaneously. An average stomach tuck or makeover might cost between $6,000 and $12,000.

What To Expect during Any Lipo 360 Miami Florida

After a pre-op consultation and the results of your pre-op testing, It’s great to know what is required of you and what the lipo looks like—starting from marking the parts of your body where the operation will focus till the final stage:

  • Mild sedation will be used to ensure your comfort. During tumescent liposuction, you can communicate freely with your surgeon throughout the entire process.
  • The surgeon will make minimal incisions and inject a Saline solution containing lidocaine, sodium bicarbonate, and epinephrine to numb the region.
  • The doctor will subsequently insert a cannula to reach the fat:
    Fat transfer procedures, such as the typical Brazilian butt lift, involve the removal of unwanted fat from one part of the body and its subsequent reimplantation in another.
  • The cannula has a laser fiber that can liquefy fat and kill fat cells if you don’t opt for a fat transfer. The body will gradually eliminate the residual tissue after it has been drawn out.
  • Your surgeon may incorporate liposculpture during the procedure for a more customized result. You’ll need to make a follow-up appointment, or the doctor’s details will be sent to assess your recovery within a few days.

What Kind of Outcomes Can I Anticipate for Lipo 360 Miami Florida?

Each of our patients reports extreme satisfaction with Lipo 360 with BBL at our Miami clinic. It’s the only remedy to dress your figure finally. It boosts your self-esteem no matter what you’re wearing, from a figure-hugging dress to breezy beach garb. It can give you curves and a flatter stomach by reducing your waist size by many inches.

The operation may result in some slack skin, but the body’s natural ability to produce collagen will gradually restore its youthful firmness. After that, it’s up to you to sustain the new figure through healthy eating and regular exercise.

Dangers in Lipo 360 Miami Florida

Infection is a potential complication of any surgical operation. Yet, as the best liposuction 360 doctor in Miami, we have a meager infection rate of less than 0.5%. There is also a chance of contour abnormalities occurring during the process. But no worries, no bad experiences or dangers with us.

At Miami, we remain committed to providing our clients with the best possible outcomes. We pride ourselves on being the best 360 lipo in Miami, differentiating us from the competition.

Lipo 360 price

360 liposculpture is an aesthetic procedure that seeks to sculpt and model the body contour in a comprehensive manner. When considering 360 liposuction price, it is essential to evaluate various factors, such as the experience of the surgeon, the location of the clinic, and the complexity of the procedure. Costs may vary, but it is crucial to prioritize quality and safety rather than simply looking for the cheapest option. Investing in a well-performed 360° liposculpture can offer satisfactory and long-lasting results, significantly improving the patient’s figure and self-esteem.


Should you worry about having a repeat C-section?
Many of our patients had already undergone one or more C-sections before. We can make the C-section scar less noticeable and eliminate the fatty pouch that can form over it. Lipo 360 can be safely achieved without worry.

Does Age Matters In operation?

Anyone of every age, from infants to the elderly, can gain from this treatment. But a person may be a candidate for this operation if they are in generally good health and do not have any of the abovementioned risks.

Your well-being is our top priority, so we take every precaution before surgery to ensure you are a good candidate.

Compared with a belly tuck, how does Lipo 360 differ?

Each falls within the category of elective cosmetic procedures. Lipo 360 describes eliminating fat from all 360 degrees of your body. Fat and skin are cut away during a Tummy tuck procedure.

Can I have Another Procedure Performed Alongside my Lipo 360?

Each falls within the category of elective cosmetic procedures. Lipo 360 describes eliminating fat from all 360 degrees of your body. Fat and skin are cut away during a Tummy tuck procedure.

Yes! An extra operation like BBL 360 lipo can be performed with liposuction. A Brazilian Butt Lift may be a viable option if it will help you achieve your desired aesthetic results. This surgery can effectively raise and reshape the buttocks. You’ll love how your body’s tone and slimness improve with time.

Fat removed during Lipo 360 surgery at our Miami clinic can also be repurposed for breast augmentation and the Brazilian butt-lift, among other body sculpting operations. The combination of Lipo 360 and these additional treatments can help you look younger for years.

Bottom Line

360 Liposuction is a fat-removal and body-contouring procedure that helps patients achieves their aesthetic goals. Most individuals who have undergone this treatment have nothing but praise for it. The genetically predetermined belly fat can be eliminated with Lipo 360, allowing you to achieve the contour you’ve always wanted. Get your confidence back after Lipo 360.

Schedule a consultation with us today if you’re interested in achieving cosmetic goals that you may not be able to achieve with diet and exercise alone.