G-Spot Amplification Procedures in Miami

The g-spot amplification procedure is a type of nonsurgical treatment that is performed by a doctor. This treatment can help sexually active women temporarily increase their g-spot. The FDA has approved the use of collagen, so no prior skin testing is required.

The G-Spot

Dr. Ernest Grafenberg was the first to describe the g-spot all the way back in 1950. This area is known as an extremely erogenous zone found on the vagina’s interior wall. With a size of about three inches, the g-spot increases in size after stimulation, leading to potent orgasms.

There are actually other extremely erogenous zones in the vaginal area. For example, the so-called AFE Zone is found deep within the vagina near the cervix. It is located on the vagina’s anterior wall. This is a smooth area that is quite sensitive to touch, appearing as a wrinkled, spongy swelling. When pressure is placed upon it, it leads to quick lubrication of the vagina, even among those who are not highly sexually responsive.

Another erogenous zone is known as the u-spot. This is a very small area of tissue located just above the urethra and under the clitoris. When it is stimulated, pressure must be gentle to avoid the onset of urinary tract infections.

Your Own Personal G-Spot

What specifically arouses a woman tends to vary from person to person. Women often feel that they have a spot within their vagina that is a significant erogenous zone for themselves individually. If this is the case with you, and you feel that you have your own erogenous zone, there really is no debate for you. Nothing can convince you otherwise that this erogenous zone does not exist.

For women who have identified their g-spot, this tends to be an area located in the front wall of the vagina near the pelvic bone. The size of a spot varies, but is normally about two or three inches. When you lie on your back to locate your g-spot, your finger will point upward to the ceiling.

If you are in a squatting position when attempting to locate your g-spot, which is easier for some women, you will find that your finger points to your front. You will feel a bumpy or ridged patch that has a different texture than the smooth vaginal wall. During arousal, there is increased blood flow to your genitals, helping you more easily locate your g-spot, since it is more pronounced at this time.

Preparing for G-Spot Amplification

Before undergoing a g-spot amplification procedure, you will take part in a consultation with a Miami doctor. Your doctor will provide more information about the g-spot and make sure that you know how to find it. They will receive your medical history and provide information about risks and complications that are possible following the procedure. You also are provided with alternatives to this procedure.

Your g-spot application consultation is a great time to learn about every step of the treatment process so that there are no surprises. This will help you be more comfortable throughout the entire process. You may find it helpful to bring some written questions with you so that you don’t forget anything.

How is a g-spot amplification performed?

The g-spot amplification technique used in our Miami clinic is an advanced method involving the injection of a collagen, hyaluronic acid, or fat filler into a specific location. It has been found that undergoing this procedure helps women increase both their sensitivity and duration of orgasms, as well as orgasm frequency.

The procedure itself is simple, safe and painless. It typically occurs at a doctor’s office, lasting about 15 minutes in most cases. You will be provided with local anesthesia to ensure your comfort. The injections take only a few seconds.

The most critical step in the g-spot amplification procedure is locating the area correctly, since its precise location will vary from individual to individual. After the location of the g-spot has been determined, collagen filler, fat, or hyaluronic acid will be injected. The precise amount needed for a given procedure is based upon the unique anatomy and measurements of the woman involved.

G-Spot Amplification FAQ

Should I have hyaluronic acid or fat injected?

Having fat injected would normally lead to a longer-lasting solution. Hyaluronic acid is typically metabolized by the body within one year after injection. At that time, your g-spot would return to its normal self.

The advantage of undergoing a hyaluronic acid injection is that it is less expensive than fat transfer, which requires additional time and processing.

How successful is this procedure?

It has been scientifically proven that the g-spot exists and is extremely sensitive sexually. Some women do not experience much vaginal stimulation. Others have difficulty in reaching an orgasm. Women with vaginas that have been stretched, such as through childbirth, experience a lower rate of success than women who have not yet given birth.

How many appointments will I need?

To receive g-spot injections for g-spot amplification in Miami, you would typically need three appointments. The first is where you will undergo a consultation and an initial examination. Then you will have your surgery and a follow-up appointment in the morning after your procedure. Your initial consultation surgery will not occur on the same day.

Will I be under any physical restrictions after my g-spot amplification?

Most of our patients in Miami are able to take part in sexual intercourse in two weeks after their g-spot amplification procedure.

After two days, you may take a shower using only clear water. Do not take baths, and stick to using only pH neutral products.


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