Venus Viva Laser: Skin Resurfacing Treatments in Miami, FL

Skin resurfacing treatments are a popular and effective way to correct acne scars, stretch marks, and other skin blemishes that might prevent you from enjoying your skin’s beauty. Venus Viva skin resurfacing treatments at our Miami area clinic offer a way to achieve the skin you want with less downtime and pain and the best results for all skin tones.

What are Venus Viva Skin Resurfacing Treatments?

Skin resurfacing offers an updated look for people who are unsatisfied with their skin texture because of things like acne scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, or enlarged pores. Rather than stressing over these skin imperfections, trying to cover them up, and being dissatisfied with how your skin looks, you can resurface and get rid of those bumps.

The most common way of resurfacing skin used to be CO2 lasers. However, these lasers had a few drawbacks, including high pain, a recovery time that could last several weeks or longer, and incompatibility with darker skin tones. 

In addition, because these lasers essentially remove the top layer of skin, they come with a higher recovery time. They’re also only good for those with fair complexions, making them a less versatile option.

HD Esthetique offers those in and around Miami Venus Viva Skin resurfacing treatments with some of the most advanced technology available. These treatments are a new and updated form of skin resurfacing treatments that have high standards for results and low downtime and recovery times.

This form of stretch marks and acne scars removal delivers the same results as the traditional methods but with serious upgrades. There is significantly less pain, and the recovery time is decreased considerably. Venus Viva Lasers are also safe for all skin tones, giving an option that works for a wider variety of people. 

Venus Viva treatments give better results than traditional forms of skin resurfacing, like CO2 lasers, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion. 

How Venus Viva Skin Resurfacing Treatments At Our Miami Clinic Work

The traditional form of acne scars laser treatment and stretch marks removal was to remove the affected layer of skin so your skin could heal smoothly without the marks there previously.

Venus Viva skin resurfacing uses tiny pins to safely deliver heat through the skin’s surface. The pins create very small micro-dermal wounds that your body can easily and quickly heal naturally. Providing the treatment this way allows it to penetrate where it needs to be, repairing signs of skin damage on the skin’s surface. These micro-dermal or small wounds make the treatment much more comfortable than traditional CO2 treatments, with the same visible results. 

In addition, patients who come to HD Esthetique’s clinic in Miami see results with Venus Viva after 1 treatment, with a fraction of the time commitment and pain. 

Venus Viva Before And After Pictures

DiamondPolar Addition

You can augment and compound your treatment by talking to your Miami area acne scars and stretch marks treatment provider about the DiamondPolar applicator. This applicator further diminishes lines and wrinkles by producing uniform heat under the skin’s surface. This naturally increases collagen and elastin fibers, which will smooth and firm your skin for a more youthful look.

Benefits of Venus Viva

Safe for all Skin Tones

A common problem for people with darker complexions searching for scars, lasers treatment stretch marks treatment, or skin resurfacing treatments, in general, is that they can’t find an effective treatment that works for their complexion. 

Unlike CO2 lasers, Venus Viva treatments are safe for all ethnicities; this includes darker complexions. In addition, the application offers an effective and secure way to resurface all skin tones.

Lower Pain

Instead of removing the top layer of skin in a painful process that can be highly unpleasant, Venus Viva laser skin and face resurfacing at our Miami clinic offers a faster and lower pain treatment. Also, because the treatment is inherently less-invasive, patients experience less pain.

Venus Viva Recovery: Low to No Downtime

Venus Viva is a practical and quick recovery treatment for stretch marks and acne scars. Because of the low-impact methods, you can return to your skincare routine 24 hours after treatments. Not to mention, the wrinkle reduction treatments are so easy on your skin that there isn’t even any downtime required.

Quick Treatments

With an easy-to-apply and safe application method, Venus Viva skin resurfacing only requires a session of 15-30 minutes. This lessens the impact on your day and lets you get started with your resurfaced skin sooner.

Choose a Better Way

With Venus Viva, recovery time can be cut in half, all skin tones can be affected, and you can experience less pain and downtime from your treatments. Choosing Venus Viva will give you the same results as traditional methods with a better experience in the meantime. To see the difference Venus Viva skin resurfacing can have for your skin, book your consultation with Dr. Antun in Miami, FL to discuss Venus Viva treatment.


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