What is Scar Revision?

The healing of scars and wounds can be unpredictable. The way that a scar turns out is dependent upon quite a few factors, including your body’s ability to heal, the type of your initial injury, and the skill of the surgeon who initially treated the wound.

Other factors that can affect scarring severity include the thickness and color of your skin, the depth and overall size of the wound, the area’s blood supply and scar direction. Not everyone is bothered by scars. Whether the appearance of a scar matters to you is a highly personal and subjective matter.

Even if a scar cannot be completely removed, a skilled plastic surgeon like Dr. Antún performs scar revision surgery at his Miami clinic which can improve the appearance of your scar and make it less obvious, leading to a boost in your self-esteem and confidence.

Scar Revision Surgery

The aim of scar revision surgery at our Miami plastic surgery clinic is to help reduce the prominence your scar in a way that is more representative of the tone and texture of your surrounding skin. Scars are a type of skin tissue that can develop after a wound has healed rapidly. They can be caused by either trauma or surgery, and their formation is often unpredictable.

One factor that contributes to the development of scars is poor healing. These types of scars can be quite unsightly or disfiguring. Even when a wound heals properly, a scar can result that changes your appearance.

Scars can appear very different from each other. Some may be raised or recessed, while others are different in terms of color or texture from nearby skin tissue. Some scars have somewhat of a reflective sheen to them, while others may be slightly darker in color.

Scar Treatment Options

When it comes to cosmetic scar removals, our Miami scar treatment clinic offers a number of options. Depending upon the degree and type of scar that you are dealing with. Some treatments include:

* Topical treatments like bioCorneum+
* Certain minimally invasive procedures
* Surgery using cutting-edge wound closure techniques

When it comes to scar revision it is important to keep in mind that, although scarring can be significantly improved, it cannot be totally erased.

Good Scar Revision Candidates

Pursuing scar revision surgery at our Miami clinic is an extremely individual decision that you should have performed only for yourself, not to please anyone else or fit into their ideal image of you. Ultimately, it is your body and your decision alone.

Individuals of any age can have a scar revision performed.

This is a good treatment option for you if:

* You are embarrassed or self-conscious about the appearance of a scar on your face or body

* You are in good overall health

* You are a non-smoker

* You have realistic goals regarding scar revision surgery

* You do not currently have active acne or certain skin diseases that would rule out surgery

Note On Keloid Scars:

Keloid scars are a type of scar tissue growing outside of the edges of a wound. They tend to be darker in color than neighboring skin, developing when the body over-produces collagen following wound healing. This type of scar can develop anywhere on the body but is most typically seen on the shoulders, earlobes and breastbone. Dark-skinned people develop keloid scars more often than those with fair skin.

In some cases, keloid scars can be minimized through the injection of a steroid that can also reduce itching, burning and redness. In cases where steroid treatment fails, the scar tissue can be excised and closed with stitches. This type of procedure is normally performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia. You can return to work in one day, and your stitches can come out within a few days.

Recovering From Your Scar Revision Surgery

It is normal to experience some local swelling, discomfort or discoloration for a week or two following your surgical scar revision procedure. You can expect some further healing over the next few weeks, as your scar begins to heal and fade.

Although the results of your revision surgery can be expected to be long-lasting, it could take a few months for your final results to be evident. Some patients take as long as a year to have their scar completely heal and fade.

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