Is a Face Lift Right for Me?

Dermal fillers can definitely “pump the brakes” on facial aging, but they cannot replace a conventional face lift procedure. Other anti-aging procedures like fat injections can restore facial volume, but they are not able to offer the same amount of lift as a surgical face lift. In contrast to these other options, a surgical face lift can be expected to last over a decade. Having said that, our Miami face lift procedures are still major surgeries that a patient must carefully contemplate before deciding upon.

An aging face is more than simply sagging skin and wrinkles. It has five components:

* Lines and wrinkles

* Changes in skin pigment like age spots

* Loss of facial volume

* Elasticity loss

* Gravity

Fine lines and wrinkles can be treated effectively using less dramatic methods like fillers and injectables, while age spots can be treated with laser treatments and chemical peels. Injectables like Juvederm can also help with loss of facial volume and nasolabial folds. But when it comes to the effects of gravity and loss of elasticity, only a traditional face lift can help.

Some conditions improved by a face lift include:

* Midface sagging

* Significant creases under eyelids

* Creases running from the corners of the mouth to the nose

* Displaced fat that has fallen

* A double chin

Face Lift Procedure: Your Consultation

The first step in getting a tighter, more youthful face is your initial consultation with Dr. Antún. This is when you actually learn if you are an appropriate candidate for this procedure. Some people with only minor facial aging do not require such a dramatic procedure and can benefit from other treatments like laser skin resurfacing, chemical peels, dermal fillers and other procedures.

To determine if you are a good candidate for a face lift procedure, Dr. Antún will begin by taking your complete medical history. Next, he will examine the elasticity of your skin, wrinkles and folds, and bone structure.

It is always a good idea to prepare some questions beforehand that you would like answered during your consultation. This time is your opportunity to share any concerns that you may have and ask any remaining questions so that you are completely aware of what is involved in your procedure, every step of the way.

Dr. Antún may also ask you to discuss your expectations regarding your results. Although our Miami  face lift clinic offers dramatic results, it is important that you have realistic expectations. We may also take some photos of your face as a basis of comparison after you have healed from your surgery.


A full list of detailed pre-operative instructions will be provided to you before your procedure. In the weeks leading up to your face lift, you may be asked to avoid taking medications like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirin or other blood-thinning medications that could increase the risk of excessive bleeding. Keep in mind that some types of herbal remedies and nutritional supplements may also have blood-thinning effects. Be sure to share with us any medications or supplements that you are currently taking. For example, natural products like ginkgo biloba, green tea, and vitamin E can increase the risk of bleeding, both before and after your procedure.

If you are a smoker, you may be asked to stop smoking before your face lift. This is because smoking restricts blood flow to incisions that will need to heal properly after your procedure. The dangers are highlighted by the fact that 10 percent of smokers will experience necrosis, which is death of skin tissue at the surgical site. Wounds can become inflamed and turned black, and edges may unravel. This may even necessitate a skin graft procedure to replace necrotic tissue.

There are a number of options today to help smokers quit smoking. Nicotine replacement products like gum, lozenges and patches are available over-the-counter. You can also obtain nicotine nasal inhalers and sprays by prescription to relieve withdrawal symptoms of nicotine.

The Face Lift Procedure

Although there are different kinds of face lifts our Miami cosmetic surgery clinic offers, there are certain components that are shared between them. You will begin by being administered either general or local anesthesia. Once this has taken effect, Dr. Antún will form incisions around your ears and hairline. He will gently lift skin from your face and reposition soft tissues into an improved position, as well as remove any excess skin. At this time, he may use a liposuction to remove fat. And the last step is re-draping skin over your face and using sutures to close your incisions.

Now that your face lift procedure is finished, you will want to carefully follow Dr. Antún’s post-operative instructions. Here are some recommendations that you may be asked to follow to ensure that you obtain the best possible results and heal quickly.

Procedure Aftercare

You will likely be somewhat uncomfortable and tired for a few days after your procedure because of the lingering effects of anesthesia and the procedure itself. Plan on remaining home for a few days and having someone stay with you for a day or two.

You can use ice packs for two or three days after your face lift to minimize swelling. It may also help to sleep on your back with your head raised. Post-operative swelling should be greatly minimized within a couple of weeks after your surgery.

You may experience some residual swelling and numbness for quite a few weeks after your procedure. The face lift is a serious surgery that requires serious healing. Patience is needed at this time to allow your body and face to heal.

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