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Getting a Bigger Butt

A recent article in The Daily Mail described how a Miami woman spent five figures on a Brazilian butt lift so that she could look like Kim Kardashian. Marlene Chinea says she was unsuccessful in obtaining the figure that she desired after performing over 300 squats daily. She gave up on exercise and had this procedure performed, which involves the injection of 4 pounds of her own fat into her hindquarters. The story highlights how changing body ideals are leading some people into extreme measures to keep up with celebrities like the Kardashians.

There has never been a time when more people desired a larger butt. Butt augmentation procedures are soaring in popularity right now, with over 20,000 people undergoing them in the year that the most recent statistics were kept, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. The 20,000 number represented an 86% increase over the prior year. If surgery is not for you, the 30-day squat challenge fad may help you achieve the results that you desire. So what is the best way to go? Build your butt or purchase one?

Building the Butt of Your Dreams

You can perform squats until you are exhausted, but it does not necessarily mean that it will lead to the type of change that you desire. This is particularly true if you do not take the proper dietary and nutritional steps to increase the size of your buttocks. Although squats are effective at contouring and toning the buttocks, you won’t achieve picture-perfect status unless you combine strength training, cardio and proper nutrition.

To achieve optimal results, it helps to combine exercises targeting this area. Compound exercises like squats, deadlifts and lunges are beneficial for developing the lower body. The butt can also be isolated with exercises like donkey kicks or glute kickbacks.

Don’t throw in the towel if your butt does not instantly “pop out” after a few workout sessions. Genetics are a major factor for many people. Some are born with a luxurious booty, while others have to really work for it. Others may find that they are unable to achieve their goals. Consistently stick with your workout regimen to ensure that your muscles become toned, defined and lifted.

Buying Your Butt

Do you know what are the two most popular butt enhancements? One is the butt augmentation procedure, involving the placement of an implant through a small incision. The other is a fat transfer procedure, involving the redistribution of fat taken from other parts of the body.

A good butt enhancement procedure involves a recontouring of the buttocks, rather than simply increasing the size. In fact, good surgeons insist that shape is more important than size. The same phenomenon is seen in breast surgery, where certain doctors are classified as ‘stuffers’, while others are ‘shapers’. It is always better to have a true artist like Dr. Antún performing these types of procedures. Find a surgeon who carefully contours your buttocks rather than one relying upon a simple size increase.

Grasping that both size and shape are relative to each patient is critical. A procedure that provides a great result for one individual may wind up looking terrible for another. This highlights the fact that it is very important that you select an experienced surgeon with both the experience and training needed to perform your procedure successfully. Avoid those using discounts and flashy ads to attract patients.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Many people feel that Jennifer Lopez has accomplished for the buttocks what Pamela Anderson has done for the breasts. In recent years, the buttocks have been receiving the limelight. It is their time to shine. Reshaping or augmenting your buttocks can enhance your appearance throughout the entire buttock region and lower back.

This procedure is performed using a bodily liposuction, transferring fat into the buttocks for the creation of a perkier, rounder buttock. It can not only recontour your buttocks, it can alter the appearance of the back and hips, leading to a more aesthetic overall appearance and body contours.

What It Involves

To begin, Dr. Antún will first contour the buttocks area using liposuction to ensure that your buttocks are more prominent. Some common areas that are used to donate fat include the stomach, lower back, thighs and waist.

The fat that has been withdrawn will be purified before reinjection into your buttocks. A special fat injection technique involves the placement of only the best donor fat for reinjection. This purified fat will be injected into different layers of your buttocks to achieve a more smooth and natural appearance, ensuring that the graft of fat will have an improved long-term survival rate.

Making Your Results Last

If you are successful in obtaining the results that you desire, you want to ensure that they last as long as possible. If you found that your efforts in the gym paid off, you can maintain them by continuing the very same diet and exercise routines that got you there.

In a similar vein, those receiving great results from cosmetic procedures like a Brazilian butt lift should realize that their results will be temporary. About 30% of the fat used in the procedure will not endure the transfer process. Instead, it will be eliminated and excreted by your body. Any fat surviving the procedure will take its place alongside natural fat in the treatment area. If you gain weight, it will get bigger, while it will be smaller whenever you lose weight.

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