Hydrafacial Miami : Non-Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatment

While you have many options out there that can help rejuvenate your skin, those looking for a completely non-invasive and medical level of facial treatment should consider HydraFacials as an option. Going to HD Esthetique in Miami for ai HydraFacial treatment can be something that works wonders on the skin with exfoliation, extraction, hydration and protection. It’s an excellent option for a wide age range and different types of skin concerns.

Performed by the professionals at our clinic in Miami, this non-laser skin resurfacing procedure uses hydra-dermabrasion to help with dry skin and dehydration and can assist in clearing up skin issues such as acne and blackheads. It will also help smooth out skin that is starting to age and eliminate those fine lines and wrinkles that have cropped up due to sun damage. So you have an array of benefits that can really revitalize and transform your skin and leave you wishing you’d found out about it sooner.

What a hydradermabrasion facial near me looks like

A proper HydraFacial treatment at our Miami clinic will have four steps, and the first one is all about cleansing and exfoliation. The affected area, whether it’s your face, back, or neck, will get a deep clean, and all of the dead skin and debris will be eliminated through exfoliation. All of this is to help prep the skin for what is to come with the remainder of the treatment. 

From here, your hydra-dermabrasion facial will start extracting dirt and impurities from your pores. Whether it’s taking out blackheads or simply keeping the pores clean to prevent acne from forming, this is the bulk of the cleaning process in the facial.

Next up is the rehydration of the affected skin area to protect the skin after such an intense, deep clean and extraction process. A specialized serum is placed into the skin that will help with hydration and give it a much fuller and softer look and feel. 

From here, another serum is placed on the skin to act as a layer of protection and a barrier from environmental factors. This suit of armor will help protect your HydraFacial and mean you won’t have to worry about it deteriorating as soon as you walk out of our clinic.

How long does a treatment last?

The best part about getting a HydraFacial treatment is that it’s extremely relaxing throughout the entire process. You may even be able to sneak in a power nap, but be warned; it only takes around 30 minutes to complete a session. There’s no recovery or downtime after the session, and you can head back to the office or even go out as if nothing happened. 

Not only is the treatment fast and gentle but it’s effective in clearing up your skin. It also keeps it hydrated to prevent further damage, is completely pain-free and can be done on any skin type. HD Esthetique’s skilled HydraFacial practitioner at our Miami cosmetic clinic will adjust the facial based on your skin type to optimize the final results and outcome.

How Often Should You Get A HydraFacial?

The exact frequency of this will always vary depending on what your current facial needs are as well as your skin type. As it’s a hydrating facial, those with dryer skin can expect to have sessions occur more often, but this is relative to the status of your pores and acne as well. However, many can typically achieve great results by doing a HydraFacial treatment at least once a month. You also want to see what the results look like to see if you need to increase or decrease that frequency.

What are the possible side effects of using HydraFacial?

Since this is a completely pain-free and non-invasive solution the side effects are minimal. If any do occur they tend to be extremely mild and last at the most several hours but never more than a day. The most common side effects that people will experience is swelling, irritation or a mild redness after the treatment. This can happen if this is the first time or it’s been a while since the last time you’ve had a similar treatment. It will disappear before you know it tho and then you can enjoy your beautiful-looking skin.

Who benefits the most from a HydraFacial?

Anyone who is looking to improve the general appearance of their skin and keep a nice hydrated glow on their skin is a good candidate. It really is an excellent option for practically all skin types and adult ages. It’s also a great option for those who are looking for completely non-invasive facial treatments.

How Hydrafacial fares with other types of facials

There may be some options out there that may be better for specific skin conditions, but the price you pay is that they’re much more intense, invasive, and harsher on the skin. HydraFacial works well on covering a variety of skin concerns without the need to feel as if the face has been peeled off. It’s gentle and soothing and works to protect your skin once you leave without the need to be concerned with any major side effects.

When it comes to the cost of a HydraFacial it depends on how many treatments you’re looking to purchase in advance. However, you can expect to pay a couple of hundred dollars for each treatment on average. If you want to include add-ons with your facial to enhance the results this could also end up increasing the price.

Set up your next HydraFacial appointment with us

This can be an excellent addition to your current skincare routine and also a chance to escape from the world for half an hour. There are minimal to no concerns to have, and one of our professionals will take you by the hand during the whole procedure. They will help administer the HydraFacial treatment and happily answer any questions or any final concerns that you may have. When you’re ready, book your next appointment with us and start getting cleaner and clearer pores in no time.


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