Biostimulatory Filler Treatments in Miami: Skin Regeneration

For those who are always looking to keep and maintain their youthful appearance, there are many options out there to consider. Especially the choices that naturally help the body to produce elements to make you appear younger.

One such option to consider is biostimulators. They come in the form of biostimulatory filler treatments at our Miami clinic, and the procedure is minimally invasive and easy to accomplish. As always, you want to ensure that if you use biostimulator injections in Miami, you work with experienced, local professionals who will handle the procedure properly. They can be an excellent alternative to Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Fillers.

While HA Fillers can be a great option for many, they are not able to last as long as our biostimulator filler treatments in Miami. HA fillers are a temporary solution for clients not completely ready to jump into more invasive procedures.

How Biostimulator Injections Work Better

biostimulatory injectables. HA fillers stop at filling up the space to eliminate wrinkles and lines. But our Miami clinic uses biostimulatory filler treatment products that allow the body to work for you to turn back the clock naturally. They are  meant to be a trigger to activate what your body is hard-wired to do, which is to help produce collagen. 

This leads to a much more long-term and natural look and feel for your rejuvenation strategies. When it comes to the biostimulator injection costs at our Miami location, this service is actually quite comparable to HA fillers while at the same time producing much better long-term results. That means your investment will go much further. It does depend on which biostimulator you select, but always know that biostimulator injection prices tend to be the most competitive due to the competition out there.

How does it really work?

Biostimulators are made from various compounds which are injected deep into your skin. In fact, the injection goes all the way down into the dermis. They aren’t meant to be fillers such as HA fillers that will only improve the aesthetics and increase volume. They are there purely to support the growth of new tissue. Remember that some biostimulator options are not injectables as well. So, it’s best to speak to one of our biostimulator injection experts in Miami f to understand what all of your choices may look like.

What are the major differences between the Radiesse Biostimulator and the Sculptra Biostimulator?

First of all, both are great options and have some of the longest lasting positive effects on your skin. Both are going to help with the support and activation of your body in producing collagen in appropriate quantities. 

Our biostimulatory filler treatments at our Miami clinic also help make the protein that will give you back the lost structure and supple skin you’re used to having. Not to mention, they’ll help reduce folds, sagging skin, and wrinkles around the injection site.  

Where the differences may lie are as follows:

Sculptra Biostimulator

This is the more synthetic option but still is completely biocompatible with the body. It’s made of Poly L Lactic acid or PLLA and is the only option known to last the longest and typically up to two years in most cases. That means the least maintenance and upkeep compared to other options, including HA Fillers. What’s key to note is that the overall process can be a bit longer as it may need up to four treatments to ensure long-lasting results. Between each treatment, you can expect to wait at least a month between each biostimulator injectable session.

Radiesse Biostimulator

This is a completely natural option as it is made up of calcium hydroxylapatite and it occurs naturally in your body parts such as your teeth and bones. What’s great about this option is that you’ll only need one treatment to start seeing the results and then maintaining them. 

It also lasts up to 18 months in many cases, meaning it’s a close second to the option above. It can be a better choice for some if they want a much simpler option. Also, if they’re okay with missing out on an extra six months of youthful-looking skin between their next treatment. 

Both options are recommended for all adult ages looking to improve their overall skin tone, appearance and facial contours. Your clinic practitioner will be able to advise you on the best option based on what you’re exactly looking for and ensure you’re completely satisfied at the same time.

What are the potential side effects?

Since there is an injection that occurs, there are typical injection side effects that can occur. This can be simple redness or tenderness around the area and the possibility of the injection area bruising or swelling. 

It can also be itchy, and bumps can form for a short period of time as well around where the biostimulator was injected. Many of these go away within a couple of days to a couple of weeks at most, tho. 

There are less common side effects that could happen, but it can be reduced by working with expert practitioners such as ourselves. These can be allergic reactions, which we do our best to avoid ahead of time, and the possibility of getting small bumps under the skin. There’s also the possibility of infection if not injected properly. 

For the remainder of the potential side effects and their rarity, it will always be best to discuss with our staff, who can assess the potential risk based on your overall unique background and health. We will do a thorough check on this and put any anxieties you have at ease. Your peace of mind is our priority.

Get yourself the look you want today

Whenever you’re ready to try out this fantastic approach to having your body re-beautify you feel free to schedule an appointment with us in Miami for a biostimulatory filler treatment. We will go through everything and help you make the most informed decision possible related to biostimulators and how they can help. We look forward to hearing from you.


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