Microblading is a simple procedure used to conceal scars and gaps, create definition, form and arch, and fill in eyebrows. HD Esthetique offers the Miami area Microblading treatments that are ideal for those who have very little to no eyebrow hair and leads to eyebrows that appear very natural.

Microblading takes place on a more superficial layer of the skin than tattoos. The resultant strokes appear extremely fine and crisp. The procedure has helped thousands of men and women, and should last up to one year.

What is microblading?

There is no reason to be alarmed. Microblading is nothing like a tattoo gun poised above your eyes in a frightening, buzzing way. Instead, it is closer to a type of tattooing using a handheld tool that draws in eyebrows that appear very natural.

So, essentially, we offer Miami residents this semi-permanent eyebrow makeup method using a tool to create natural looking eyebrows. The goal is to create very fine, permanent lines just under the surface of the skin, but not as deep as conventional tattoos.alters the shape of the shape of the brows, providing a very pleasant look for the recipient.


There are actually a number of different types of microblading. But each of them involves the use of a special tattoo tool that leads to the formation of the desired brows shape, color and consistency for an enhanced appearance.

Why do people undergo microblading procedures?

You may be wondering why people would come to HD Esthetique in Miami for microblading treatments? This procedure is a finely tuned one that does not result in shoddy makeup tattoos that you may have seen before. It is actually an art form that allows for the creation of brows that appear natural and stunning.

Although microblading has been around for a while, it has only recently exploded in popularity. I asked these types of eyebrows have become very fashionable and glamorous, people have been exploring what types are available to help them achieve a similar look. Microblading was the solution that many people with overly narrow or patchy eyebrows had been seeking.

Microblading is not actually as painful is it may sound, given that it is a type of tattoo. In fact, most patients find that the process is quite simple and pain-free. Patients typically experience sensations when undergoing microblading as being similar to tiny scratches. However, it is important to realize that each individual has a different pain threshold, which is why topical numbing creams are available.

What happens prior to my appointment?

In order to obtain the best results possible, be sure that you are in good overall health and are well rested.

Three days before and after your appointment, avoid the consumption of alcohol and medications like aspirin and ibuprofen.

Refrain from taking the following supplements in the week before your microblading procedure:

* Vitamin E and vitamin B6
* Ginkgo biloba
* Omega-3 fatty acids
* St. John’s Wort

On the day of your microblading procedure at our Miami clinic, exercise and avoid the intake of caffeine. Go ahead and wash your hair in the morning, since you must avoid taking showers for a few days. You may take baths at this time.

You may need a color boost in about 24 months after your microblading procedure.

If you have oily skin or frequently tan, you may need a follow-up procedure after one month. The retention of pigment varies based upon the patient’s skin type, aftercare, age, and the use of certain medications and chemicals, as well as the type of pigment used in your microblading procedure.

Who makes a good candidate for microblading?

Almost anyone makes a suitable candidate for microblading; however, the procedure is not for everyone. You are not a good candidate for microblading if you fall into the following categories:

* Pregnant or nursing

* Diabetic

* Tendency to develop keloid or hypertrophic scars

* Undergoing chemotherapy

* Epileptic

After Your Microblading Procedure

At HD Esthetique’s clinic in Miami, we offer microblading procedures that consists of two steps: the initial procedure and a follow-up one that takes place a month or two later. This technique is much gentler than older techniques performed with a machine.

You can expect any swelling and redness to fade within one hour after your treatment. You should not expect any permanent scarring to occur.

While healing, your brows will go on a very interesting ride: Initially they will appear well-defined and dark. In about one week, you should notice a slight fading of color and softening of definition. Since no downtime is necessary, there is no reason to take even a day off from work.

Do not allow the treated area to come into contact with water for two days after your microblading procedure. You should also avoid scratching, picking and scrubbing during this time. You may notice some changes in the shape, color and shade of your brows. It may take two or three sessions to obtain the results that you desire, depending upon your skin condition. So patience is the watchword here.


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