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Benefits of Oxygen Therapy after Plastic Surgery

The Benefits of Oxygen Therapy after Plastic Surgery

The Benefits of Oxygen Therapy after Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery can heavily affect your body. So having recovery methods on hand that help get you back to a healthy state are vital. The amount of recovery time you need depends on how intense the surgery was. Making a return to full health can take anywhere from a few weeks to months.

However, you can take various measures to help speed up the process. One of those optionsis hyperbaric oxygen therapy or HBOT and using this in plastic surgery strategies can really help. Doctor Antun recommends and includes HBOT as a post surgical treatment for his patients that have underwent cosmetic surgery.

What is hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

This treatment involves breathing more purer oxygen than normal. In fact, with HBOT, the therapy entails breathing in 100% oxygen in a controlled environment and can be done in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. Combining plastic surgery with hyperbaric chamber therapies is also a good idea.

The final result is exposing the body to high oxygen levels that will lead to it producing more white blood cells. This will help with your immune system response, combat any possible infection that could come after plastic surgery, and help promote faster healing. Oxygen therapy in this format can also help to reduce the common inflammation and swelling that can occur with plastic surgery.

The benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy after plastic surgery go beyond improving the healing process.

Besides a reduction in swelling and inflammation it can also help to reduce overall pain as well.

Wounds heal better with HBOT due to the increased collagen production

Reduced scarring can also occur with this type of treatment, and scarring can be a major issue after plastic surgery

Overall, healthier-looking skin due to the increased collagen protection and improved blood flow.

What does the actual therapy look like after plastic surgery?

A patient would go to a proper hyperbaric oxygen chamber and be sealed in it. Then pure oxygen is pumped into the room while the patient lays comfortably in the chamber for an hour to an hour and a half.

Again, the number of treatments needed is determined by how massive the plastic surgery was and the patient themselves. Typically, the average number of sessions can range between around ten all the way up to 20 sessions.

Are there any major side effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

HBOT is a safe procedure in many cases. Even if there are side effects they tend to be temporary and not as major as initially thought.

Some common side effects can be as follows with hyperbaric oxygen therapy for plastic surgery:

Feeling dizzy or nauseous or even getting a headache.

Ear Pain and this is especially for those who may commonly get ear inflections or swimmer’s ear

Barotrauma which is where the ear or sinus (or both) can get damaged due to the effects of HBOT

Of course, if you’re working with a professional hyperbaric oxygen therapy Miami-based clinic like ourselves you’ll have the optimum experience. We have experts on hand in case anything happens who will offer the right medical attention if needed.

In the end – hyperbaric after plastic surgery can help out

Think of HBOT as a safe and effective way to improve the healing process after you get plastic surgery. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy after surgery can have many benefits that go beyond that speedy recovery and can be another treatment that helps enhance your overall physical outward appearance.

With that much-focused oxygen coming in, your immune system will also get back into fighting shape much sooner. If you’re considering a combination hyperbaric chamber plastic surgery procedure, make sure to discuss it with an experienced medical professional such as Doctor Antun. His vast experience ensures you’re in good hands. You can schedule a cosmetic surgery consultation with him here at HD Esthetique.