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Florida Board Limits on BBL Surgery

Florida Board Limits on BBL Surgery Doctors

Florida Board Limits on BBL Surgery Doctors

The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) procedure has become an incredibly popular operation that has a surgeon transfer fat from some part of the body to the rear with the goal of enhancing size and shape. Given the extremely low cost of BBL in Miami, Florida, more and more patients have been visiting this part of the country to receive treatment.

In accordance with a publication by NBC6 located in South Florida, there was a recent board ruling designed to limit the number of daily BBL operations a surgeon can perform on a daily basis to avoid fatigue and risk of error. The maximum number of Brazilian butt lift surgeries Miami Florida doctors can performed each day is 3 surgeries.

One such risk, fat embolism, occurs when the fat utilized to reshape the rear enters a person’s bloodstream.

Furthermore, in the past four years, a task force was arranged to research the risks associated with BBL, providing surgeons with the necessary recommendations to mitigate errors. 

In addition to urging for the injection of fat above the general muscle area, ultrasound technology was also mandated during procedures in order to prevent artery punctuation. 


Average expenses for BBL in Miami start from as low as $4,000 to as high as $15,000. The range varies depending on the expertise and experience level of the surgeon, the anesthesia used, fees for the facility, and operative care before and after.

This emergency ruling has been placed into effect for 90 days. Certain doctors believe that the Florida Board of Medicine should be targeting specific mills in which the deaths are occurring instead of applying a “band-aid” solution to the problem. 

Prospective patients should consider the services offered by HD Esthetique as this cosmetic center follows the new Brazilian butt lift surgery limit in Miami, in Florida and uses modern ultrasound technology.

Ultrasound Guidance Requirements

Over the past four years, a task force with members of multiple societies was installed to research the risks of BBL and give surgeons ways to mitigate risks. 

The main recommendation includes urging doctors to inject fat above the muscle. However, in addition, the use of ultrasound technology during operations to avoid artery punctures during reinjection was made too.

Reactions From Florida Plastic Surgeons 

Surgeons such as Ralph R. Garramone, MD hope that the decision will be carried out through the nation. Although Florida remains progressive with respect to the decision, Garramone believes it should become a national standard.

Retraction BBL


Other surgeons like Sean Simon, MD believe the ruling raises more questions than answers. In particular, Simon has stated that the Florida Board of Medicine should target specific surgical mills in which deaths are occurring and that the limitation on number of surgeries is not good enough to solve the problem.

Avoid The ‘Surgical Mill’ 

Robert Singer, MD, a plastic surgeon based in La Jolla, CA, believes that the recommendations have worked to improve safety in recent procedures, and the ruling in Florida is a reasonable method to improve the overall safety.  He stated that patients should avoid surgical mills in which more than one procedure is done day and night. The issue, he argues, comes down to ethics, training, and patient safety.