Silicone Injection Removal

Silicone is a material that is formulated in a laboratory, consisting of chemicals like silicon, oxygen, carbon and hydrogen. It has been thought that silicone is a safe substance and not toxic. As a result, its use has been popular in cosmetic and surgical implants, like for the breasts and buttocks. However, silicone is very controversial. In fact, the FDA has strongly warned against its use as an injectable filler. Furthermore, the FDA warned that injected liquid silicone can systemically travel throughout the body, leading to serious health problems.

A number of foreign substances have been injected in the bodies of individuals looking to improve their physical appearance in areas like the face, breasts, buttocks, genitals or abdomen. Many of these did not actually belong in the body and may include vegetable oil, synthetic oil, baby oil, expansive cells, certain petroleum-based substances, cement and silicone.

Have you had health problems after silicone injections?

Dr. Antún’s specializes in silicone injection removal surgery for patients who have been unethically treated. His over 15 years of experience as a top Miami silicone injection removal surgery doctor ensures that you are in good hands. His goal is to help you become happier and healthier, while still obtaining the cosmetic results that you wish to achieve.

Dangers of Silicone

Using foreign substances for injection is prohibited and unsafe for injection in any part of the body. Since the human body is not equipped to deal with certain foreign objects, these materials become rejected by the body, potentially leading to severe reactions. The response of the body can range from minor inflammation to significant health conditions like necrosis, severe pain, skin hardening, sagging or rashes.

Left untreated, these injected substances may travel throughout your body, causing even more damage. As a result, early intervention and extraction is critical to both healing your body and maintaining your overall health.

Silicone Injection Removal in Miami, Florida

Dr. Antún has years of experience as a top Miami silicone injection removal surgery doctor and he can remove silicone from areas like the face, breasts, muscles or buttocks, which are all popular targets of cosmetic enhancement. Patients often experience side effects to the presence of foreign substances in these locations.

Silicone/biopolymers injected into the breast may lead to adverse events like pain, swelling, discoloration, hardening or stretch marks. Dr. Antún can not only remove these hazardous substances, but he can provide a cosmetically pleasing reconstruction of the breasts using high-quality implants that are completely safe.

Biopolymers that are injected into the buttocks can also lead to health problems like sagging, inflammation, hardening and rashes. An additional danger to injecting these types of materials into the buttocks is that they can travel to the spinal column, creating highly hazardous health concerns. Fortunately, through the use of cool laser treatment, a simple removal is possible that only leads to minimal scars.

In addition to silicone injection removal surgery, Dr. Antún offers Miami biopolymers removal from muscle tissue. Foreign substances injected into muscles can lead to soreness, stiffness, necrosis, pain and inflammation. Dr. Antún has the expertise to use minimally invasive procedures for the correction of these adverse events, leading to a restoration of your general health, comfort and appearance.

Open Surgery for Silicone Injection Removal

As a renowned expert in the removal of biopolymers, Dr. Antún is extremely experienced in offering removal procedures that are both safe and noninvasive. He believes strongly that the surgical removal of biopolymers is not appropriate for most patients. Aside from the cosmetic risks involving scarring, open surgery techniques can result in further damage like deformities and nerve damage.

Dr. Antún’s techniques do not involve elaborate surgery and extensive downtime. But they are still able to restore the natural beauty, health and comfort of his patients.

Cool Laser Biopolymer Removal

Dr. Antún of HD Esthetique provides the innovative Cool Laser removal method for anyone who would like to eliminate harmful biopolymers and silicone from their body. The Cool Laser emits light wavelengths into the area of treatment to liquefy injected foreign substances that are then safely vacuumed away.

The scope and complexity of the treatment that you require is dependent upon factors like your overall condition and
Best Candidates for Silicone Injection Removal

Best Candidates for Silicone Injection Removal

Anyone who has received injections like biopolymers, economic hyaluronic acids, and other foreign materials that are un-approved by the FDA is in danger of serious health problems. If you have received these types of injections and are currently dealing with pain and discomfort, hardening, or other symptoms, you are likely a good candidate for this treatment. At your consultation, Dr. Antún will examine you to determine if you can be helped by this procedure.

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With over 15 years of experience as a Miami silicone injection removal surgery doctor, Dr. Antún has the expertise necessary to extract dangerous foreign materials that are harming your health or detracting from your appearance. Laser extraction is highly recommended to avoid the possibility of these dangerous substances from migrating to other parts of your body, leading to even more damage.

Our mission is the restoration of your health, comfort and beauty using safe techniques only. If your health or appearance has been damaged by biopolymer injections, we encourage you to contact us today to schedule a consultation for silicone injection removal surgery in Miami with Dr. Antún.

Out of town patients for Silicone Injection Removal

Dr. Antun is a nationally known silicone injection removal expert who has treated out of town patients from other US states such as New York, California, Texas, Georgia, New Jersey and Florida.

In addition,  Doctor Antun is  internationally recognized for treating victims of silicone injection from Colombia, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Mexico, Argentina, Canada, United Kingdom, Dubai, Brazil, Israel, Spain and Russia. Feel free to contact HD Esthetique.  Our patient coordinators will gladly walk you through the process.


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