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Since 2007, Dr. Rafael Antun has dedicated himself to helping his patients achieve the ultimate body, the ideal face, and the perfect breasts with excellent cosmetic treatments that have helped launch the career of many models and superstars alike.  Our Miami cosmetic surgery clinic provides treatments for the body, face, and breasts with natural and beautiful results. We treat both local (Miami) and international patients.


Dr. Rafael Antun

Dr. Rafael Antun is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. He has attended numerous cosmetic training and workshops recognized by the AACS(American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery) in the United States of America and Latin America. He is currently developing high end cosmetic treatments and anti-aging stem cell procedures. He has developed personal techniques in the following procedures: Butt Augmentation, PRP skin rejuvenation and Cool Laser Foreign Body Removal and Liposculpture, amongst others.

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HD Esthetique

At HD Esthetique, we are dedicated to enhancing your beauty with personalized, high-quality treatments. Our highly trained team uses innovative technologies to ensure exceptional results. In a warm and welcoming environment, we offer you a unique aesthetic experience that will increase your confidence. Discover a new dimension of aesthetics with us. At HD Esthetique, your satisfaction and well-being are our priority. Trust us to highlight your unique beauty!

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Dr. Antun and the HD Esthetique team at our Miami cosmetic surgery center are regularly featured in the media for their medical insight and surgical expertise. As a top rated Miami cosmetic surgeon, medical director Dr. Antun has been featured in and interviewed for numerous magazine articles, newspaper stories and radio shows.

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Una inyección de biopolímeros puede cambiar tu vida… para peor. Dolores, deformidades y malestares en general.

Pero en Miami, hay esperanza. El Dr. Rafael Antún, pionero en el retiro de biopolímeros, está aquí para ayudarte.

Con más de 25 años de experiencia, utiliza técnicas no abiertas, sin deformidades y mínimamente invasivas, combinadas con tecnología de vanguardia.

La oxigenoterapia hiperbárica mejora la estética, acelera la recuperación y reduce la inflamación después de un retiro de biopolímeros.

Y Retraction, un dispositivo de radiofrecuencia, trata la flacidez, emulsifica la grasa y retrae la piel en los glúteos después de un retiro de biopolímeros.

Resultados naturales que devuelven la esperanza y transforman vidas.

Contacte al Dr. Rafael Antún al 305-668-2853.

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Skin tightening and skin improvement is a constant effort, and finding ways to rejuvenate and invigorate your skin is essential.

To get the skin, body, and flawless look you’ve always wanted, carboxytherapy treatments at our Miami clinic work to infuse natural gas and collagen into your body.

This triggers natural responses in your body that help firm and smooth your skin. Non-surgical, long-lasting, and with low-to-no recovery, it’s an ideal option for getting the skin you want.

At HD Esthetique, we value the way you feel and look, letting your radiant beauty shine through. So we’re here to help you use carboxytherapy for your beauty goals.
To find out how carboxytherapy at our Miami cosmetic clinic can help change your before to an after, book your consultation with Dr. Antun.



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Retraction es una tecnología con radiofrecuencia inteligente mínimamente invasiva que permite tratar la flacidez en cualquier parte del cuerpo, emulsionar la grasa durante la liposucción y realizar estiramientos faciales.

La retracción integra tecnología LED indicadora de estado y sensores de temperatura en tiempo real, brindando la máxima seguridad en cada procedimiento.

Póngase en contacto con el Dr. Antun en HD Esthetique para una consulta de retracción al 305-668-2853.

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Gynecomastia is the enlargement of breasts in men or boys because of a non-cancerous breast tissue increase. It can be caused by a hormonal imbalance.
The condition is not dangerous but can make the breasts uncomfortable and lead to feelings of embarrassment and self-consciousness.

Looking for a #gynecomastiasurgeon in Miami? Contact our office today to schedule a private consultation with Dr. Rafael Antún.



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While many treatments address cellulite blindly from the outside in, Avéli® targets and releases septa bands from the inside out (under the skin). ⁠

During the three-step "Identify-Release-Verify" Avéli process, your provider can see and confirm in real-time that they are effectively releasing the targeted septa with the goal of delivering visibly smoother skin with long-lasting results. ⁠

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