Colombia Silicone Injection Removal

As silicone injection removal professionals treating Colombia patients, we have had many clients come to our clinic because they have suffered from the negative impact of  botched injections. 

Dangers of Silicone Injections

Silicone, biopolymer, and butt injections can lead to a variety of health risks, even death and destroy your natural beauty. While many people get these injections to enhance the appearance of different areas of their body, silicone injections can actually have the opposite effect of what the patient wants. Silicone injections can often introduce dangerous foreign substances to the inside of the body. Some of these injections include baby oil, petroleum-based substances, and even cement. Since these chemicals do not belong in the body, they can cause serious health problems, ranging from rashes and skin hardening, to necrosis and acute pain. 

Silicone Injection Removal

Our silicone injection removal doctors in Colombia are experts in extracting biopolymers using minimally invasive surgical procedures . At our clinic, not only will we be able to safely remove the injections, but we’ll also help you to achieve your cosmetic goals. In order to rid the body of harmful substances, HD Esthetique uses Cool Laser technology. Rather than using traditional surgical procedures, this allows us to liquify injected substances and vacuum them directly out of the body. An advantage to using this quick and efficient method of injection removal is that it results in a minimum scarring, so that your appearance will not undergo any additional damage. 

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If you have been experiencing any health issues as a result of silicone injections, schedule a consultation at our biopolymers removal clinic. We have over 15 years of expertise in removing silicone, biopolymer, and butt injections in a way that restores health and beauty. We care about each patient individually and work carefully to ensure that you can reach your optimal level of beauty without bringing harm to your body. Call us today about silicone injection removal from  Medellin, Cali, Bogota, Barranquilla and Cartagena let us know how we can help you. 


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