Retraction Lipo Surgery in Florida: Fat Removal, Lifting and Natural Skin Tightening

Retraction is the future for patients looking for the most advanced fat emulsification tools that are minimally invasive but still give great results. This cutting-edge technology is the perfect complement to various treatments, giving you great results with less fuss.

The main objective of retraction lipo surgery at our Florida cosmetic surgery clinic is to restore the firmness and elasticity of the skin, thus improving the aesthetic appearance of the face and body. By means of various techniques such as laser treatment, radiofrequency or surgical procedures

What is Retraction?

A retraction device is a smart radio frequency device that uses minimally invasive technology to sculpt the body anywhere you want. This device can treat flaccidity, emulsify fat, perform facelifts, and intimately rejuvenate women. With many versatile uses, this device can be added to various procedures to get even more drastic results and get you closer to the body you want.

How Does Retraction Work?

Retraction technology uses the most advanced techniques to emulsify and eradicate fat instead of sucking it out. A thin wand-like cannula is inserted through a small incision, and the wand’s tip emits radio frequencies that target fat tissue. This burst of energy essentially dissolves the fat tissue, safely getting rid of it without the trauma and inconvenience normally associated with these procedures. 

This function is great because it doesn’t only eliminate unwanted fat in a targeted way that your surgeon can entirely control. It also triggers new collagen and elastin fibers during the procedures, pushing your body to create more of the building blocks of healthy, elastic skin. This means your body will begin naturally firming and sculpting the skin even after you get treatment.

Advanced Technology

The retraction technology for lipo surgery used at our Miami cosmetic surgery office involves cutting-edge machines that use radiofrequency and light to get rid of fat in the body and tighten skin. It brings together advanced technologies that work hand in hand to create ideal results. 


Patented SmartLED technology allows for real-time temperature monitoring. This lets technicians ensure that acceptable levels are being maintained throughout the procedure without losing attention.


This technology ensures that the treatment is highly effective. It counts the amount of energy delivered by each treatment zone. This makes results predictable, uniform, and precise.

What Kind of Treatments Can Retraction Be Used For?

The retraction radiofrequency fat removal system used at our Miami clinic is a fascinating cutting-edge technology because it can be effectively used in various procedures. The minimally invasive technology comes with various different-sized cannula wands that let your surgeon pick the perfect size based on your body and needs. Retraction can be used in all these areas:


One of the most common and effective uses of retraction is for liposuction. In old liposuction treatments fat was sucked out of the body through a tube which could lead to bruising, bleeding and severe tissue trauma.

Instead of literally sucking fat out, retraction uses completely safe light to emulsify the fat. This melts it so your body can safely and naturally dispose of it without the trauma of forcing it out. Learn more about liposuction surgery in Miami with retraction.

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

The Brazilian Butt Lift, where we remove fat from certain areas of your body and inject fat into your butt, is another popular option for sculpting your body and creating the shape you want. 

Learn more about BBL in Miami.


The retraction machine for facelifts is a favorite method because it’s minimally invasive. The radio frequency device helps tighten and firm skin using a radiofrequency of 460Khz, treating flaccidity so that your face is as high and tight as it was before aging started to change the shape and texture of your skin. Retracting the skin, it triggers new collagen and elastin fibers. 

Learn more about facelift in Miami.

Biopolymer Removal

Biopolymer removal is when a surgeon removes potentially dangerous substances that have been inserted for cosmetic purposes under the skin. These biopolymers are dissolved with the retraction tool and extracted from the body so they can’t cause any problems. Afterward, the skin is tightened and stretched back to its desired shape by the retraction tool.

Learn more about Biopolymers removal in Miami.

Retraction Lipo Surgery at HDE Esthetique in Miami

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