You are currently viewing The Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy after biopolymers and silicone injection removal
Benefits of Oxygen Therapy after biopolymers and silicone injection removal

The Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy after biopolymers and silicone injection removal

The Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy after biopolymers and silicone injection removal

Occasionally, people undergo elective cosmetic surgeries and have injections, such as using biopolymers and silicone-based products. These are typically injected into the buttocks to enhance their overall appearance. This can be an extremely dangerous procedure and isn’t currently approved by the FDA. It may be best to skip this type of treatment to avoid complications such as hardening or infection.

In case you underwent this procedure, we are here at HD Esthetique to help you with biopolymers removal. We’ll use a process combined with hyperbaric oxygen therapy as part of a larger procedure to remove the biopolymer or silicone injections you’ve had injected.

Before entering any type of procedure, either with the silicone injected into the buttocks, biopolymers injections, or removing such items, it’s always critical to speak with a medical professional. They can help give any additional guidance based on your personal medical history.

What is oxygen therapy?

It’s a way to help your body’s natural healing ability work much more efficiently and much faster. This is done by breathing pure 100% oxygen into the body while at the same time doing so under higher atmospheric pressure. This requires the use of a hyperbaric oxygen chamber that can safely carry out the procedure and give you the optimum benefits of oxygen therapy after injection removal.

What are the core benefits of oxygen therapy after biopolymers and silicone injection removal?

The numerous benefits outweigh any potential issues that could arise with oxygen therapy.

  • It can help minimize scarring and wound healing due to the increased production of collagen that’s occurring.
  • It can also help to improve your overall skin quality because of the extra collagen production.
  • Infection possibility is reduced, as is the recovery time. This is because oxygen therapy is helping to speed up the healing process and increase the number of white blood cells the body produces.
  • It can easily reduce the swelling and inflammation such surgery can cause, which also reduces the pain.

It’s best to do oxygen therapy after biopolymers and silicone injection removal

You can enter the sealed room or chamber as soon as your body can allow it. You will then be infused with the pure oxygen that will stimulate the healing process. Expect to do up to 20 sessions, but it can vary depending on how strong your immune system is in normal conditions. Each session is around an hour or slightly more, so make sure you’re able to dedicate enough time for this type of healing to ensure optimal benefits.

Are there any concerns with hyperbaric oxygen therapy after injection removal?

Not really. It’s quite a safe procedure when done by professionals. Due to the increased atmospheric pressure could cause some discomfort to your sinuses area or your ears if they are sensitive to begin with. It’s possible to become disoriented and dizzy as well, but all of these issues should dissipate shortly after any treatment.

If they don’t, it’s always best to contact the center that handled the procedure and your family doctor to ensure nothing serious has occurred.

Consider us as your Hyperbaric oxygen therapy Miami team

We understand that this can be stressful for you and that you may be forced to handle such a removal surgery for health reasons. You shouldn’t have to suffer and go through the possible months of recovery when there are ways out there that can help you recover faster and naturally through the power of your own body with hyperbaric oxygen therapy for injection removal.

Specifically, regarding this type of removal surgery and subsequent oxygen therapy, you can also help improve overall circulation and blood flow. This leads to the risk of blood clots being diminished.

If you find yourself a victim of such a procedure that included biopolymer or silicone injections, reach out to Dr. Antun at HD Esthetique for a Biopolymer Removal Consultation.