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Why avoid biopolymer injections

Why You Should Avoid Biopolymer Injections and Silicone Injections?

Recently, a dangerous trend has emerged of people seeking to improve their appearance without undergoing surgery. To meet the demand for the pursuit of physical perfection, certain unethical practitioners have been promoting the use of injected silicone and biopolymers to reduce the effects of aging and add volume to the face and body. Unfortunately, many people have fallen into the hands of these practitioners, leading to unfortunate side effects that have a negative impact on their appearance and health. Here’s Why You Should Avoid Biopolymer Injections and Silicone Injections

FDA Warning

In 2017, the FDA strongly warned about the dangers of injected silicone fillers used in various types of body contouring procedures. The FDA specifically warned of silicone used for buttocks enhancement, which is especially dangerous because the number of blood vessels in this area allows silicone to travel systemically throughout the body, causing blockages in areas distant from the site of injections, such as the lungs, brain or heart.

Silicone Exposure Symptoms

Silicone has been studied over the years for its effects in the human body. Some conditions that are believed to be linked to silicone exposure include:

Diagnosis of Silicone Exposure

According to experts, silicone is only dangerous when inside of the body. If you have undergone silicone injections performed by an unethical provider, Dr. Rafael Antún can offer you a physical examination to determine your overall health.

Your doctor will also receive your medical history and learn of any traumatic incidents or if you have undergone cosmetic surgery. He can also perform imaging tests to locate the presence of silicone within your body that requires removal.

If it has been determined that you are exposed to silicone, or if you were knowingly injected with silicone, there are removal options available. Meet with Dr. Antún during a consultation to determine the most appropriate treatment for your individual situation.

Are biopolymers Injections and silicone the same as dermal fillers?

No. The FDA has cleared dermal fillers for safe medical and cosmetic use. Most of the ingredients contained in injectable fillers work temporarily. They are made from biocompatible substances that the body eventually metabolizes and breaks down. Silicone is not such a material.

The FDA approved some types of dermal fillers for treating places like the cheeks, lips, face, and back of the hand. To date, the FDA has not approved dermal fillers for body enhancement or body contouring.

The FDA has advised people to never get injected with silicone or have a filler injected as part of breast or buttocks enhancement.


Dangers of Silicone

Unlike FDA-approved dermal fillers, when silicone is injected into the body, it remains there permanently. It can migrate throughout your body, leading to significant health effects, up to and including death. Injected silicone can travel throughout the blood vessels, potentially blocking blood vessels found in the heart, lungs or brain. This can lead to a stroke or even death.

Why You Should Avoid Biopolymer Injections and Silicone Injections


Injected silicone can also cause body disfigurement due to the development of hard and painful lumps that permanently remain beneath the skin. The side effects from injected silicone can even manifest years after the silicone was injected. People injected with silicone often require costly and complicated medical intervention.

Liquid Silicone Tips


The following are some warnings related to biopolymers and liquid silicone injections:

Never undergo any type of liquid silicone or filler treatment that is injected for the purpose of body contouring. Avoid getting breast fillers, buttocks fillers, or fillers injected into the spaces between muscles. This can result in serious injury or death.

Never purchase fillers over the Internet, as they tend to be contaminated. Dermal fillers are treatments that should only be provided by a trained and experienced practitioner. Never have fillers injected by unlicensed providers or in non-medical settings like private homes or hotels.

Be sure that all of your cosmetic treatments are performed by licensed healthcare providers using FDA-approved ingredients.

What should I do if I had a negative reaction from silicone injections?


Contact the FDA if you should encounter problems after being injected with silicone. You should also report problems if you were treated with dermal fillers for an inappropriate use or by an unlicensed practitioner. You should contact Dr. Rafael Antún to schedule a biopolymer removal consultation and learn of your treatment options.

It is crucial to be aware of the risks associated with biopolymer and silicone injections. Although the pursuit of beauty and eternal youth is understandable, we must prioritize safety and health. Therefore, it is essential to avoid biopolymer and silicone injections, opting instead for safe alternatives approved by medical professionals. This is why you should know Why you should avoid biopolymer and silicone injections